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Colle Vaticano Bed and Breakfast

This initiative was born in 2008 by the Sileoni family, who are dedicated to hospitality since 1970. In that year, by the will of Claudio Sileoni, arose the Le Cernie Camping in Sardinia, which is the seventh touristic structure, in order of birth, in Sardinia.
Since then, with further improvements, the Sileoni family have always taken care of the receptive, having now a beautiful and comfortable touristic structure, that became today a camping and a village, among the most advanced in quality of accommodation.
Today the taste and grace of Francesca, wife of Claudio, led to the creation of the Bed and Breakfast Colle Vaticano.

You will find managerial features own of hotels, professionalism in providing and managing the receptivity, totally different from the usual expert attitude of those who want to become manager of a Bed and Breakfast, characteristic of the management of a private house, which offers a warm and family environment, but at the same efficient and controlled.
The apartment, just bought, of Colle Vaticano, has been renovated for the purpose of receiving the guests. In this case the customer doesn't need to adapt himself to the furniture (the owner) with the old bedside table without abatjour or quarrel with the old mattress of the grandfather, in this case we are talking about a modern and qualified structure with the objective of providing valuable services by who really knows what to do.
Colle Vaticano is the contact point between services, the efficiency of the hotel and the economy of the Bed and Breakfast. One aspect that is not normally taken into account is about security, because in the Bed and Breakfast, people from different social backgrounds cohabit together, with certain restrictions dictated by the landlord.
At the Bed and Breakfast Vatican Hill we have a settlement called House Rules, which follows the example of the Le Cernie Camping which allows to control and limit the behavior of the individual occupants, referring to the need to safeguard the freedom of ourselves with the freedom of others.