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Colle Vaticano in Rome is situated in Via Angelo Emo 147, a few meters from the historical Vatican railway...
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Rules of the House

1. The House Rules should be strictly observed to enable a civil coexistence.
2. Guests must produce the documents and fill their arrival card of the Police, with all the information required by regulations.
3. Guests can not bring other people in the house outside of those registered.
Exceptions are permitted only if authorized in advance.
4. The payment for the entire stay is required.
5. The means of payment are provided by cash and credit cards.
6. The house is not liable for any theft, except for items left in custody and registered on receipt.
7. The house is not responsible of electric or water loss.
8. The loss of keys, will be pay 50.00 Euros.
9. The use of the Internet wi-fi is subject to the express authorization and signature of the form of discharge of responsibility by the guest.
10. It is made absolute prohibition of noises (radio or TV at high volumes felt by the other guests) or shouts all day long (24 hours).
11. It is forbidden to leave the room with succinct clothing.
12. Check in is normally after 13.00, while the check in is before 11.00 am.
13. The booking involves the payment of the first day, with the balance on arrival before taking possession of the room.
14. It is possible for guests to use the garden (park) on the ground floor and the tennis court, after agreements with the attendant and after the payment of its ticket.
15. All consumption are included, except electricity for air conditioning.
16. The rooms are furnished with linens and towels for each guest with change every 3 days.
17. The use of food is allowed at all hours. Tea and coffee are always free, while snacks, chocolates or other kinds of comfort must be paid.
18. The use of common areas is always possible with full respect of the other guests freedom.
19. No smoking in the house, except for the balcony.
20. No animals allowed.
21. Do not throw any object from the windows.
22. It is absolutely prohibited any unlawful practice against the Penal Code and the common moral sense. Any violations will be reported to the competent organs of Police.